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For more than 100 years, Fujimori Kogyo (ZACROS) has continued to create new Value of Packaging as a manufacturer of packaging, functional materials, and industrial materials. Many of the products we have launched have been the first of their kind in Japan. Our ability to bring new products into the world is due to the pioneering spirit that has been passed down as part of our corporate DNA.

Our determination to look squarely at the different issues each of our customers faces and to resolve those issues, without being constrained by existing frameworks, is what creates new Value of Tsutsumu. This has led many of our customers to our door whenever they have problems; saying “Where there is ZACROS, there is a way.” We are very proud of that. Having recently celebrated our 100th anniversary, we now feel the need to evolve even further.
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Commercial & Industrial Packagin
Innovation starts with ZACROS
It is a semi-rigid plastic container.
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Film Packaging
It designed to promote efficiency
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Pharmaceutical and Medical Packaging
Consistently delivering safe and reliable.
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Medical Instrument packaging materials
It is for medical instruments.
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Drum Liner
An inner liner that enables smooth setting
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